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Caitlin Moyer from the Brewers stopped by for Women Crushing It Wednesday!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been highlighting some kick butt ladies in the country music industry, and this week... I decided to mix things up! If you've missed the last few, I'll have links to them at the end. 

This week, Caitlin Moyer stopped by the studio .... and I like to call her the social media genius of the Milwaukee Brewers! She will blush when you call her that ... but I'm going to start a campaign to change her job title to that.

Remember that video that the Brewers players were a part of playing all of the characters from "The Sandlot"? WELL, that was basically Caitlin's social media baby. Just checked, and it has over 117K views on YouTube .... pretty flipping impressive!!!

We talked about how she's incorporated miscellaneous social media campaigns with the Brewers, what's going on this week for the 4th of July at Miller Park, and who her favorite female to follow on Instagram is.

Also, I realize today is Tuesday .... and this is "Women Crushing It Wednesday".... but I wanted you to have the rundown for the 4th with the Brewers before the actual day!

Other awesome ladies I've had on my Podcast include:

Clare Dunn

Jessica Meuse

Tenille Arts

Enjoy! :) 

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