Clare Dunn discovered who her dream collaborator is with our game

I got to meet the stunning and super freaking talented Clare Dunn when I was in Miami (for work purposes... I know. I pinch myself every day) a few week ago. My first impression was WOW, this girl has a larger than life personality, and then of course I couldn't help but notice how unbelievably gorgeous she is. Girlfriend has legs for DAYS.

Then, I got to hear her perform and HOLY COW, YOU GUYS. Her recorded stuff (which is all great, BTW, including her song "More" that we're playing) doesn't do her voice justice. She can belt it out flawlessly, and play guitar like a total boss, live.

As you can see, I was awkward as usual posing for a picture with her. I felt like she was my babysitter or something since I look about 7 years old (don't zoom in and look at the bags under my eyes... nothing to see there, you guys). We then spent the day at the pool and had sing alongs with the rest of the crew.

Fast forward to last week, she swung by our Performance Studio and was amazing as usual. Clare agreed to sit with me after and do a little Podcast. I'm so happy to say that she is my first female country artist I've ever interviewed, and that she is officially kicking off my Women Crushing It Wednesdays Podcast.

My favorite part of the interview is where we eliminated artists until we were done to one... which is who her dream collaborator is (and I have to say... I LOVE her choice!!! They would sound totally bad ass together).

Sit back, and enjoy the girl power.

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