Bailey Coleman of V100.7 talks George Floyd protests and every day life

First of all - thank you for all of the positive comments on my blog and pictures yesterday concerning the Waukesha protest. It was amazing to have conversations with people on it who I've never gone that deep with. This was exactly what I was hoping for ... for people to go into it with an open mind, and who are interested in having an actual conversation about it versus going off on social media. I would also like to add (since I didn't include this on my blog yesterday) - I am NOT anti-police. I am a proud daughter of a retired police officer. My dad is a wonderful human, and he was a great cop. What I am against are people and police who are mistreating black people every day. As stated yesterday - "I understand that I will never understand; However I stand." Haven't you seen the police in different cities who are also kneeling and walking with their black communities (shout out to Flint, MI and Schenectady, NY)? They're fed up too with the brutality and mistreatment of black people.

Second of all - today is Black Out Tuesday. For me, I will be sharing this on all of my social media pages instead of going completely dark. This conversation with Bailey Coleman of V100.7 is something everyone should hear. I adore Bailey because she always speaks her mind and doesn't shy away from a conversation that may make others feel awkward. We had a real conversation on what it's like to be a black person in America every day, and how she's had to have conversations with her son that us white people have never had to have. We also talked about the difference between peaceful protests and these riots, and how people need to realize there is a MAJOR difference. Thank you, Bailey, for being so open and for helping others to see what it's like and what you and your family have experienced first hand.

Listen below, or search for Women Crushing It Wednesday on iHeartRadio. I'm usually crazy about editing everything prior to posting it - but this was a real conversation with a friend. There's no intro added, or fun jingle, and there's no editing of our conversation ... which I hope encourages you to have actual conversations with those in your community and in your life.