Walking in the Waukesha protest

Usually the blogs I post on here are about food, cats, booze, or your favorite country artists.

But today's is going to be different.

I've started and deleted and started over again how I was going to begin this today.

I shared earlier on my Instagram a post from Lauren Jane illustrations that read: "I understand that I will never understand; However I will stand."

I'm a big believer of practice what you preach, which is why today I went to my first protest ... ever.

Now I know - you're seeing on the news a ton of horrible encounters with some of the bigger cities and the riots. These peaceful protests though are far from that. There was never a moment today where I didn't feel safe, and it was an enlightening experience that I will never forget with people of all different skin tones coming together in Waukesha, WI.

Some of the signs today though focused on how we can't stay silent anymore with what's happening in our black communities and the police. Absolutely - 110% correct. However for me this morning, I actually did stay silent.

I stayed silent so I could really hear those around me.

I stayed silent and didn't pick up phone calls that I had coming in so I could take in the moment.

I stayed silent so I could understand the pain that these communities are experiencing.

I stayed silent so I could witness a white mother introduce her white daughter to a black boy that were about the same age - and they talked about their high schools with each other and how different learning has been lately with everything with COVID-19.

I stayed silent so I could listen to a mom tell her two beautiful babies to say his name: George Floyd. (Your turn. Say his name. George Floyd)

I stayed silent so I could appreciate the three people walking around giving disposable masks and bottles of water to everyone.

I stayed silent because I believed that their voices should be louder than mine and that we should all listen to their pleas.

Now - I won't stay silent.

These are the people who are standing up for what's right. These are the people who are coming together peacefully to talk about changes. These are the people we should be listening to. These are the people who deserve the spotlight.

Last night I received texts and calls from friends making sure I was ok in my downtown Milwaukee apartment because of the protest going on and the curfew that was announced. Think about that - making sure I'M ok as I'm safe in my apartment ... while the black people who were protesting nearby are just trying to make sure that they and their families can feel safe doing things we as white people take for granted everyday (I appreciate your concern, my friends ... so please don't be insulted by me saying that. I love & appreciate you a ton. It was just eye opening for me to think about while being comfortable in my bed with my two cats as I am every day in this country).

I told myself a long time ago that if I ever got my dream job of being on the radio, I would use my voice (or social media/web presence I guess in this day and age?) for something good. What these human beings were doing today was amazing and I commend them for their bravery both on and off the air.

You can help by being conscious of who you're voting for, protesting, donating to victims' families, and fact checking what you share on social media for starters. Every little bit helps.

Protesters of Waukesha, thank you for letting me stand, walk, and kneel with you.

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