Women Crushing It Wednesday: Patrice from MOdE in Wauwatosa

Every week, I like to highlight a lady who is killing it at her job, and this week... Patrice, the owner of MOdE in Wauwatosa, swung by the studio to talk about fall fashion!

Fall is the best season in my opinion, and if you disagree you're CLEARLY wrong. Besides all of the delicious pumpkin and apple flavored things, the cooler temps always bring boots, scarves, and layering to our closets... and I for one LIVE for it.

Patrice went to New York City over the weekend to scope out what's trending for spring (yes... you read that right... spring) and also took note of the trends for the upcoming season.

This fall, we can expect plaid and animal print to be 2 of the biggest must haves. Maybe don't wear them together though?

We also talked about our favorite female celebrities that we follow on social media, along with what fashionable items we can both do without.

If you haven't been to MOdE yet... what are you waiting for?! They have the cutest stuff that you won't find all over town, and the pieces are so comfy too! I blogged about them once for Mad About Milwaukee, and as you can see... I'm a big fan of the place!

Get my whole chat with Patrice below.

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