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Mad About Milwaukee: MOdE in Wauwatosa

Lots of Ms this week which I loveeeee.... it's MOdE for Mad about Milwaukee this week!

2 weeks ago, I went shopping there and had a blast trying on their clothes. Patrice is the owner, and she puts everything she has into her boutique. She even gets her family involved with her place, including taking her daughter to New York City with her to look at pieces to carry in the store!

The first half of the left wall is FILLED with really cool and different jewelry. In the middle, they have a wide array of accessories (including a really cute bralette I purchased and I am obsessed with... whoever made bralettes fashionable... bless you. Love, all of us small tata'ed women). All around the store are jackets, jeans, and more spring/summer items like rompers, shorts and dresses.

I especially loved this navy blue jumpsuit because the material is SO comfy, and you could wear it for work with a cute blazer/jacket OR you could dress it up with heels for a wedding or event. 

(please excuse any characters/type on the pictures... I saved them from my Insta story AFTER posting. BTW, you should totally follow me if you feel like it, @RadioGal716)

This little black romper is SO cute too... and bonus, you gals... IT HAS FLIPPING POCKETS! You can tell how excited I was by this information with my super artsy and cleanly closed circle I drew.

This fitted jacket is perfect for the office (where for whatever reason... we blast the AC no matter what the temperature is in the summer... amIright?!) or for the patio during happy hour in the summer when the sun goes down... it's almost like sweat shirt material. EXTRA POINTS WHEN CUTE MEETS COMFY!

And here I am being obnoxiously happy over my new pink raincoat from MOdE.... I've worn it at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks so I think it's safe to say that we are clothing soulmates.

If you haven't been to MOdE, they're located on Harwood Avenue in downtown Wauwatosa. There's so many great places to eat too after you're done shopping... I'm semi obsessed with this area!

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