Women Crushing It Wednesday: Tenille Townes!

I have to tell you how excited I was this week for my Women Crushing It Wednesday because I am a huge fan of this lady's song and her writing style .... Tenille Townes!

I was with Walker Hayes at the Washington County Fair, and he told me to check her song out "Somebody's Daughter". Right after his show, I got in my car and looked her up. I loved the song immediately, and downloaded her EP with 3 other songs on it. To say that she is an amazing artist is an understatement. Her voice is so different and cool (as I told her on the Podcast, it's like if Miranda's voice and Elle King's voice had a baby). Mark my words... girlfriend is going to be huge.


We talked about her time touring with Miranda and Little Big Town (including a very thoughtful gift Miranda gave her at the start of it), her awkward but amazing run in with my favorite boy band member ever AJ McLean, and what other Canadian country ladies she digs.



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