Walker Hayes talks about his favorite female country artists (INTERVIEW)

Sometimes you get interviews that are decent ... and then other times you get ones where you sit down with the person for 11 minutes and it feels like 2.

That's what happened with Walker Hayes this past Saturday when we got to talk before his show at the Washington County Fair. We started the interview before our friend Brian behind the camera even his record, so that's how you know it's going to be good.

One of my favorite things about Walker is how authentic he is. He's true to himself, his family, and his fans. We started off by talking about what he's sick of being asked about in his interviews... which to me was great to hear for future artists! Not to have a "go to" question ... but I feel like I want to start every interview now asking that one.

We also talked about his favorite celebrity dancers, boy bands (the way to my heart, every time!), his "bad ass" wife, and what new females in the country music industry are his favorites.

*Shout out to his bass player, Kellen, who hid in the bathroom the entire time because he didn't want to mess up the interview .... YOU THE REAL MVP!

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