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The US Government's VA loans program helps veterans, active-duty service members and their families qualify for a home loan. Though they are issued by private lenders like Guaranteed Rate, VA home loans are backed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Created during World War II to help returning service men and women purchase homes, this program has guaranteed over 22 million VA loans since 1944.

The WDVA’s mission is to work on behalf of Wisconsin’s veterans community — veterans, their families and their survivors — in recognition of their service and sacrifice to our state and nation.

The War Memorial Center has established a hub of links to direct Veterans to things that matter for their life.

Direct link to apply for state Veteran benefits online from the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Veterans Health Coalition is organized to coordinate an inter-agency coalition connecting organizations that provide services and supports to create healthy, hopeful veterans and their families, engaged with the community.

The Wisconsin Service Member Support Division provides military members, families, retirees, organizations, and communities with information and communication to ensure readiness and resilience to accomplish the mission and transition back to family and civilian roles.

The Wisconsin Veterans Network (VetsNet) is a nonprofit organization staffed by veterans and serve veterans. VetsNet bridges a major gap in the veterans benefit system: identifying and connecting at-risk veterans and veterans in need to the benefits and programs they earned through their service to our country.

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