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Ford Advertises "Men's Only Edition" Explorer

International Women's Day (IWD) was this past week, and I (Shannen) think the winner of the whole thing was Ford Motors. I thought this was the coolest marketing campaign that was empowering but also helped me learn quite a bit of interesting facts!

Despite automotive being a male-dominated industry, a lot of the advancements have come from females. With that being said, Ford created a commercial that imagined a "Men's Only Edition" for the Ford Explorer. Sounds counter intuitive, right? How DARE they release something like this on IWD?!

Actually, they were showing off the car without female creations. In other words, there was no rearview mirror. No turn signals. No GPS system. No wipers or heaters.

Here are the women who created these designs (from link):

🚘 Florence Lawrence, the pioneer of brake and turn signals 

🚘 Dorothy Levitt, the creator of the rearview mirror 

🚘 Dorothée Pullinger, the innovator of the rearview mirror 

🚘 Hedy Lamarr, innovator of the communication system used in cellular technology like Wi-Fi and GPS

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