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Miller High Life making it easy and safe to cheers a beer with friends

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Despite the things we stopped doing in our lives this last year, one thing we haven't given up drinking. Whether it's a Zoom happy hour with friends or socially distanced backyard beer, American alcohol consumption has increased by 27% since the coronavirus turned life upside down in 2020.

Enter, Miller High Life to the rescue to make sure we can still toast a beer with our friends this holiday season with a new wifi enabled glass.

These fancy looking high tech glasses connect to your home's wifi and run on a rechargeable battery. Once connected you can toast friends and family anywhere by pressing the front button on the glass to initiate a "cheers." This action sends a signal to your friend's wifi enabled glass and all they have to do is press the same button and both glasses light up for a socially distanced toast.


You can pick up your own glass at starting on Dec. 15. The limited-edition glasses go for $19.03, so make sure to grab a pair while supplies last!

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