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Hey Curl, What's up? Wanna Sweep with me?

What was the most popular Olympic sport in America during the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Likely, your first two guesses would be snowboarding and skiing, right?

But according to Facebook, the most talked-about Olympic sport this winter during the PyeongChang Games wasn’t either of those two. Instead, everyone was talking about curling. 

Of course, it didn’t hurt that the men’s team won gold, or that Matt Hamilton, sported one heck of an glorious lip sweater. Or that he became best friends with Aaron Rodgers during the games.

Curling is a fun sport to watch, too. It’s almost the antitheses of most other Olympic sports in that you really don’t have to be in good shape to play it. Perhaps that also adds to the allure of watching and talking about it, as fans can actually relate somewhat to the competitors.  Most look like suburban dads that are just trying to get away from thier families for a few hours and somehow stumbled into the Olympics.

There’s some more interesting news on the curling front leading up to the 2022 Winter Olympics, too. One of the most dominant pass rushers in NFL history is dedicating the next four years to the sport of curling in the hopes of helping Team USA win another gold in Beijing.

Needless to say, curling is coming on strong...  

We even got out on a sheet and curled a few stones thanks to the Racine Curling club.

Check out a bit of action from the match...

Including this epic showing in the house...

Some country artists also have drawn up interest in the sport.

As for the Team USA men... here's the shot that won the gold.. with a 4 month old cheering them on!

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