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The Ultimate MKE Fish Fry Guide

Friday's in Wisconsin are synonymous with Fish Fry, especially during lent. 

You can't throw a stone without hitting a place offering up some fried fish and a side. Even that is up for debate; is it fries, chips or potato pancakes?  Wherever you live we along with help from our good friends at want to help you find a fish fry close to you.

Where do you live?

Downtown/East Side
North/Northwest Side/Suburbs
Multiple Locations
South/Southwest Side
West Side/Suburbs

Some of our favorite fish frys are:

Ridder: It may sound un-Milwaukeean but I'm not a big fan of Cod fish fry.  Growing up in the northern part of the state we always had Perch, Walleye or Bluegill.  So I'm a big fan of places offering those options.  Club Paragon's Sportsman plate is great.  My fave hidden spot (...guess it's not so secret anymore) is North Ave Grill.  

Scott: Big fan of jumping in line at The Packing House drive through.  The best might be at Oakland Gyros.  I know you're thinking gyros? Fish?  Yes.  It's great.  Huge serving for only $7.59!

Shannen: The Landmark in Germantown/Mequan is a must go to!  The fish fry is great and it's a family owned restaurant with amazing homemade deserts.  Yes, leave room, or plan to take a desert for the road.  You know for a little snack later.

Looking for the homemade approach check out Ridder's fish fry Recipe.

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