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Ridder's Reel Tip: Catch More Fish w/ One EASY Trick!

For the guys that fish walleye and perch through the ice focusing on the bottom is normally all you do.  However this is something I do when fishing is tough, I'm searching for active fish or I'm fishing a new body of water.

 When fishing deeper water resist the temptation to jig just inches off the bottom.

  By simply raising your presentation 3 feet, you greatly enhance your visibility to predator fish. 

*Remember fish see UP and not down.

Remember you are covering 8 inches of water. Slight adjustments can and will attract more fish from a greater distance.



 If you’re really into fishing; I’ve got together with Gary and the crew at Ballards Black Island Resort and set up a trip to chase trophy Walleyes, Pike, Smallmouth and Musky this year.

I even got Gary to agree to make it an all-inclusive trip and for a limited time!

So come join me in Canada this summer!  Let's get hooked up!


Call Gary from Ballards at 218-634-1996 and make sure to Ask for the "Ridder Price"... He'll hook you up!


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