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What you can do to help victims of Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey continues to bring massive rainfall causing floods to South Texas, victims are in need of relief and aid.

The American Red Cross is encouraging people to donate money on its website or to text 90999 to donate $10. The organization is also asking for volunteers.

Red Cross is also seeking blood donations. 

Apple is letting users donate to the American Red Cross directly on iTunes and App Store.

Crowdfunding site Global Giving is attempting to raise $2 million for funds that will "exclusively support local relief and recovery efforts from this storm.

"Airbnb has launched a site for people looking for a place to stay and for those who can offer shelter. Fees are waived for people who check in before September 1.

United Way of Greater Houston has set up a relief fund that people can donate to. The organization said its first priority is shelter and basic needs like food. The organization said it will also focus on long-term recovery efforts.

Pets affected by Hurricane Harvey are being taken in by animal shelters across Texas, including the SPCA of Texas, Austin Pets Alive and the San Antonio Humane Society.  The Houston Humane Society is also available, with limited staff.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has challenged fellow celebrities to help Harvey victims. He pledged to donate $25,000, then tagged other celebrities and encouraged them to donate and tag others as well.

And there's our own "Pride of Pewaukee" JJ Watt who posted an emotional video asking for fundraising assistance to help victims of the massive flooding that Houston is experiencing.

**UPDATE:  The fund passed the goal of $200,000 in the first two hours. Watt then tweeted that he was raising the fundraising goal to $500,000... that was PASSED and now it's close to 1/2 Million! 

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