Charge Your Phone...FAST!

You're in a crunch for time and are about to leave but forgot that your phone has been dead or at least fading quickly, and you're gonna need it. You have maybe fifteen minutes and hope to charge some juice back in but know it's not going to make much of a difference because of the lack of time. Well, thankfully, Reader's Digest came out with a few tips and tricks that might be able to help you out.

  1. Switch your phone to airplane mode. - AKA, don't use your phone and don't let anyone else text/call you. That uses juice, and that's what you need.
  2. Turn it off. - Basically for the same reasons above, but this would probably be even a better option.
  3. Use a wall outlet. - I'm guilty of plugging my phone into my computer when I want it right next to me or when I'm too lazy to get up. An outlet will charge the phone way faster.
  4. Use a battery pack. - You probably have gotten one of these things as a cheap little giveaway item or can get one at Target for like five'll be worth it. Just remember to keep the battery pack charged, too!
  5. Avoid the sun! - Extreme temperatures affect your phone tremendously.