6 Things You Should Clean More Than Once a Year

It's spring cleaning time! That's usually when we get to the stuff we clean once a year like the gutters or maybe your garage?

Here are 6 Things You Should Be Cleaning more often than that:

  1. Microwave. You might think it kills all the bacteria in there, but it doesn't. You should wipe it down once a week and deep clean it every two weeks.
  2. Bathtub. You should be cleaning it once a week at least. Maybe you don't have time for it but here's a little motivation. A recent study looked into different places for the type of bacteria that causes staph infections. Only 6% of garbage cans had it... compared to 26% of tubs. Yikes.
  3. Inside of your fridge. The inside of your fridge should be cleaned once a month. Salad and meat drawers can have more than 750 times more bacteria than what's considered safe.
  4. Computer and desk. They should be cleaned once a week. 70% of Americans eat lunch at their desk... but 10% admit they almost NEVER clean their computer.
  5. Pillows. Did you know you should be washing your pillows? Most types can go right in the washer. They might break down a little bit but they won't last forever.
  6. Mattress. Every two months you should clean it. Most people just flip it once a year, which you should also do. How do you clean it? Sprinkle some baking soda on it, vacuum it up and spray with Lysol to kill any bacteria.


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