Cheese on Your Car Could Mean Potential Danger

We all know that we need to stay alert, especially when we're walking by ourselves. To be aware of your surroundings could prevent you from being abducted, robbed or just plain hit by a car. There are several seemingly harmless things that you should be watching for, as well.

I think a lot of people know to look for things on their cars - don't grab it if you're by yourself. If there's paper in your windshield, a water bottle on your hood, etc... These silly things can be used as a distraction for you so an attacker can pounce. Why is it so important, especially in our area, to be aware? Human Trafficking is a huge issue because of how close we are to Chicago and Rockford - which are connected by a highway that runs to multiple parts of the country.

TikTok viewers became aware of a new "trend" going around when @mimsss39 told a story about walking to her car after church and found melted cheese on the hood. Because she called her friend and her friend's mom over right away to help her clean it off, the two suspicious people in the parking lot moved elsewhere.