See Shan's Family Photos!

Adam and I (Shan) got both sets of parents a family photo shoot as a "thank you" for their help with the wedding, and my family recently cashed theirs in before Easter. We just got the photos back last week, and now she's uploading them all on Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else because it's been so long since they've had family pictures. In fact, I don't think we've had a picture of everyone together with my two-year-old niece aside from my wedding! And yes, the dogs will always be included in family photos. It's a rule.

We went to Kiln Park in Menomonee Falls which has a nice walkway with trees, water and a bridge - so it's perfect for photos! Shoutout to Meg for taking our pictures because she had to deal with two crazy dogs who weren't cooperating, a two-year-old who was not happy half of the time and three or four of the adults getting in the way of her photos trying to dance, make weird noises and do anything to cheer the kiddo up. She's a gem.