Pictures from Scott's Vacation in Mexico!

Scott just got back from Mexico and had a fabulous time at the Royalton in Cancun! This trip was a long-time coming. Him and his wife went to Mexico together for the first time in a while in 2019 and decided to make it a yearly vacation because they enjoyed their time so much. Well, 2020 and COVID hit, so their trip that they had planned had to be moved. They decided to try some place new and go to Huatulco - but low and behold: about a month or two before the trip, their flights were canceled and had to choose another destination. They were going with their neighbors who had never been to Mexico before, so the pressure was ON to choose a new destination. They decided to hit up the Royalton again because they had such a fabulous experience last time.

It was a good thing they did because look at how beautiful the area was! Scott came home with raving reviews, and him and his wife will hopefully be going back to Mexico in June (when it's cheap, you have to take advantage of it!).