These Tattoos are "Overdone"

Do you have a tattoo? We love hearing the stories behind some of these pieces of art. According to this article from BuzzFeed, though, there are some tattoos that might be a little "too popular." This is all based off of the opinions of tattoo artists. Here's what they say are "overdone."

  • The Deathly Hallows symbol from HP
  • Outlines of mountains
  • Anything Disney-related
  • Infinity symbols
  • Wrist or back tattoos with inspirational words (like breathe or faith)
  • Sun and moon combos
  • Matching half tattoos with a best friend or significant other
  • A tiny cactus
  • Anything on the side of the finger
  • Tiny nautical tattoos
  • Literary quote that covers the entire forearm
  • Music notes
  • Single words
Artist making tattoo on female customer's hand

Artist making tattoo on female customer's hand

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