Need Help Napping? Try These Tips.

Ridder and Scott are avid nappers. Shan on the other hand, not so much. Her mind is always racing, and she feels like she should be doing something better with her time than just sleeping. Well, sometimes - you NEED a nap to recharge. Thanks to Parents Magazine, they offered a few tips on how to nap effectively (and to simply get yourself to sleep).

  • Keep it short - A 20 minute nap will leave you feeling refreshed, but not groggy. That gets you to the lightest stage of non-REM sleep which makes it easier to wake up.
  • Stay cool! Make sure to keep your room for somewhere between 60-67 degrees to make sure your body temp stays cool.
  • TURN YOUR PHONE OFF. Or, turn on the "do not disturb" or "airplane mode." Don't let lights and noises distract you.
  • Nap in a place that's COMFORTABLE. Spray a calming scent, use a pillow, take your shoes off - do it all!