You Should Never Wear Flip Flops. Here's Why...

Flip flops are the shoes of summer for quite a few folks, and on the show: Ridder wears nothing but flip flops from April until November. We came across this article from The Healthy as to why you shouldn't be wearing them, though, because they can cause some serious damage!

  • You can easily sprain your ankle due to the lack of heel support.
  • Your foot could get inflamed due to the lack of arch support causes things to pull, and the tissue starts to become inflamed.
  • Your body will start to produce a new bone to heal the pulling with too many bouts of plantar fasciitis.
  • Things could get into your foot (obviously)...through the flip flop or under your foot as it slides!
  • You know how you have to curl your toes to keep the shoe on? Well, they can stay that way. It's called hammertoe.
  • The balls of your feet will become irritated without arch support
  • It's easier to get splinters!
  • Your stride tends to change because you have to take smaller strides in order to keep the shoes on
  • Driving in flip flops is harder than regular shoes and could cause some major problems

So, what do you think? Are these valid reasons to avoid flip flops?

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