How To Save On Groceries Durring Pandemic Life.

With more and more of us now cooking at home and possibly panic buying when we see something on the shelf and feel the need to grab it while we can, our grocery bills are climbing. Plus now lets add in the fact that grocery prices are going up, your grocery bill may be around it's highest that you can remember. Here are a few quick tips to help you save some money right now.

  • When you buy meat, buy it in bulk and freeze it- Get it in bulk or when it’s on sale and put it in meal-size portions before freezing.
  • Prioritize meals that leave you with leftovers- You can freeze these too, so you’re not eating the same thing night after night and have ready-made meals when you want them.
  • Less processed = cheaper- Usually, the more processed the food is, the more expensive it is. So cutting and peeling your own veggies is cheaper than buying them precut and ready to use. It’s also true for everything from frozen meals to instant pre-packaged oatmeal, where you pay more for convenience.

Hear a bunch more tips and ideas below:

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