This is Why Shakira Made "That Noise"

One of the biggest memes and GIFs going around lately is Shakira at the halftime show on Sunday night - making a noise in the middle of her performance (leading into "Hips Don't Lie") that might sound odd to most of us. She stuck her tongue out, and looked right into the camera.

The internet went crazy with comments, remarks and made comical reference at something it didn't necessarily understand. Well, as The Washington Post points out, it's actually a cultural reference. Shakira is not only Colombian, but she's also Lebanese, and the sound that she was making is known as a "zaghrouta." With these sounds, it's actually an Arabic expression of happiness and something that's done in celebration. As far as Colombia goes, some people thought it referenced Carnaval de Barranquilla (which is held in Shakira's hometown).

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