This Movie Theater Allows You To Bring Your Dog

Milwaukee needs to step up their game and get on board with Plano, least when it comes to movie theaters. There's a place by the name of K9 Cinemas that's a DOG-FRIENDLY MOVIE THEATER. I REPEAT: dogs can sit with their owners, or you can go to the theater to meet a bunch of fluff balls. That's not even the best part: each $15 ticket includes bottomless wine or whiskey. Now, obviously, don't go crazy with the alcohol because you have to take care of yourself and you four-legged friend, but nonetheless.

The movie theater opened back in December and had a "grand reopening" after adding new couches and drink specials. In addition to being a movie theater, the venue has started karaoke nights on Wednesday and trivia nights on Thursday. Obviously, there are some rules to follow: clean up after your pup, bring the papers showing that your dog is up-to-date on health and what not, and there are only two dogs allowed per human.

This might actually convince us to move to Texas.

Ridder, Scott & Shannen

Ridder, Scott & Shannen

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