Are there maggots growing in your Instapot?

If you received an Instant Pot for Christmas this year, you're 1) Not alone… 2) probably wondering what's the best way to give it a good deep cleaning?

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the posts online talking about how these gadgets are bursting into flames.  But have you seen the one where a new owner claims she found an infestation of maggots!


Yep, maggots.  They were growing in her condensation collector after she accidentally forgot to clean the obscure area; this was according to

To prevent the nasty buildup on your Instant Pot, you simply need to give the appliance a good washing after every meal you cook.

Specifically, there are eight main parts you'll want to clean after every use: The inner pot, base, trivet, lid, silicone ring, pressure valve, condensation collector, and anti-block shield are the areas that can become problematic if skipped over.

Get more care and cleaning tips here.

From: Country Living US

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