Are there maggots growing in your Instapot?

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If you received an Instant Pot for Christmas this year, you're 1) Not alone… 2) probably wondering what's the best way to give it a good deep cleaning?

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the posts online talking about how these gadgets are bursting into flames.  But have you seen the one where a new owner claims she found an infestation of maggots!

Yep, maggots.  They were growing in her condensation collector after she accidentally forgot to clean the obscure area; this was according to

To prevent the nasty buildup on your Instant Pot, you simply need to give the appliance a good washing after every meal you cook.

Specifically, there are eight main parts you'll want to clean after every use: The inner pot, base, trivet, lid, silicone ring, pressure valve, condensation collector, and anti-block shield are the areas that can become problematic if skipped over.

Get more care and cleaning tips here.

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