#TheGoodStuff: Bills fans donate to Andy Dalton's foundation.

It's been 20 years since the Buffalo Bills have made the NFL playoffs, and finally they have come back!  The journey to the post season was not easy.  

Going into the final game of the season needing help from other teams to get in.  All the cards fell into place when Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton saved the Bills season with a fourth-quarter drive that beat the Ravens and sent Buffalo into the playoffs

The Bills will play in Jacksonville this weekend and aren't expected to win, but getting into the playoffs is half the battle and they are in there now. Bills fans were happy, thrilled, ecstatic even, because the playoffs are rare in Buffalo.

They were so excited they decided to flood Dalton's charitable foundation with donations immediately following the Bengals victory over the Ravens. On Monday afternoon it was a fun story that raised a couple thousand dollars. 


The Bills team has even got involved and asking fans to send support as a "thanks."


By Tuesday afternoon it mushroomed into a case of Bills pushing hard for fans to donate and Dalton's foundation raising over $100,000 in donations from less than 5,000 donors.

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