Aaron cruising into new year with a new Girlfriend

Could it be true... could our hero in green and gold be off the market again?

Sports gossip blogger Terez Owens is reporting, by way of an unnamed source, that the Packers quarterback and race car driver Danica Patrick “were spotted at Aaron’s favorite restaurant in Green Bay after Christmas.”  (Probably Rodgers’ favorite local restaurant is Chives in Suamico)

The whole report is vague, saying only that “an onlooker said that Danica and Aaron were all over each other, kissing and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other.”

Last time Aaron made headlines like this were when he and actress Olivia Munn broke up last April.  Since then we've been on the lookout for Rodgers new lady friend.  Bac in August he was “spotted on a date” with 24-year-old soccer player Marie Margolius in New York.


This could be real since Patrick is a Wisconsin native. She was born in Beloit, grew up in Roscoe, Illinois.  She's also 35 years old closer to Aaron's age than some other women he's been linked to, and she understands life of a high profile athlete.

In November, she announced her retirement from full-time racing however she's going to race two more races this yeat; the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500. 

Keep an eye out for Rodgers at one of those races to get more confirmation of this new potential couple.

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