Stove Top Stuffing Pants are a Thanksgiving MUST

Thanksgiving, the one holiday that you can shamelessly binge on turkey and stuffing until you pass out. Of course you can't forget your stretchy pants.  This is year, Stove Top not only has your back when it comes to easy-to-make stuffing from the box, they’re also supplying the best pants to wear at the Thanksgiving table — and trust us, you’re going to want a pair.

The company has designed a pair of unisex pants with an elastic waistband and the image of stuffing and extra large pockets to stash your gadgets.

Although Stove Top isn’t the first food company to debut themed clothing but they are taking it a step further, donating $10,000 of the proceeds to Feeding America.

The pants, which cost $19.98 and can expand up to two times their original size, are being sold on, but you have to act quick — they’re only available in a limited supply on Nov. 13.

Ridder, Scott & Shannen

Ridder, Scott & Shannen

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