The Good Stuff: Florida Keys Relief and Vegas School

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Here's a story Ellie Vukovic shared with us over the weekend:


Emma Markwardt sent us this great story about some friends of hers... and how to help Hurricane relief in the Florida Keys.

Hi there, I'm writing to enter one of my friends into "the Good Stuff" on your morning show. I'm not sure how to go about this but here's her story, Two of our best friends, Who grew up in The lake country area have moved out to the Florida keys, for the last 3 plus years. They live in Big Pine Key, and Hurricane Irma has rocked their world. Not only their personal home, their community. The Lower Keys have been heavily impacted, and one of our friends is on his way back right now, to start the rebuild process. While her boyfriend goes back home, Megan is here fundraising, and trying to bring awareness to the destruction in the lower keys. She's created pop up fundraisers throughout the area, and is making progress as her donation page is slowly reaching $1000. Not knowing what exactly their future holds, all they want to do is help, help rebuild, help raise money, and more awareness to the problem in the Lower Florida Keys. This community needs our help and every little bit helps. Here's the fundraising page with more information on their story! 

Ridder, Scott & Shannen

Ridder, Scott & Shannen

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