2018 Prom Trend: Wearing Mom's Prom Gown

In case you couldn't tell by your Facebook feed, we're in the middle of Prom Season. Girls get all dressed up in gorgeous gowns, get their hair, makeup & nails done, and pose for pictures with their dates & friends. Thinking back to my own Prom, picking out the perfect dress can be such a stressful (& expensive!) situation. But these girls have the right idea with a fun new trend... don't waste your time & money, just raid mom's closet! Yes, you heard me... girls are now wearing their mom's prom dresses. 

I am LOVING this new trend! Maybe it's because I love all things vintage... but I think it's a great way to honor your Mom. Plus, it'll probably take some pressure off of having to wear her wedding gown later on if you're not a fan.

And who knows.... maybe in the future, I will have a 17 year old daughter who will want to wear this gown... boy are those gloves a doozy! 

Anyone else have a "thing" for Senior Prom? At my school, it was tradition for Senior girls to wear white. 

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