12 Strays of Christmas with the Wisconsin Humane Society!

I love the Wisconsin Humane Society so much, and every week we showcase a kitty who needs a home with #QuinnsCats.

This month, however, we are switching things up a little bit. Each weekday leading up to Christmas, I'm going to post about a fur baby who needs their furever home.... and it's called the 12 Strays of Christmas!

Every day I will update this blog with my Instagram post of that day's stray. 

If your home is full and you can't take on any more pets, I totally understand! But if you could share with your friends and family on social media ... we would greatly appreciate it!

In the meantime, I hope you have a pawsitively wonderful holiday season!!!

1st Stray of Christmas: Spot!

*UPDATE: Spot has been adopted!


2nd Stray of Christmas:  E. L. Fudge!

UPDATE: E.L. Fudge has been adopted!


3rd Stray of Christmas: Princess!

UPDATE: Princess has been adopted!


4th Stray of Christmas: Lydia!


5th Stray of Christmas - Sly!

*UPDATE: Sly has been adopted!


6th Stray of Christmas - Mack!

*UPDATE: Mack attack has been adopted!


7th Stray of Christmas - Bastet!

UPDATE: Bastet has been adopted!


8th Stray of Christmas - Rocky!

UPDATE: Rocky has been adopted!


9th Stray of Christmas - Big Mamma!

*UPDATE: Big Momma has been adopted!


10th Stray of Christmas: Pat!

*UPDATE: Pat has been adopted!


11th Stray of Christmas: Janea!

UPDATE: Janea has been adopted!


12th Stray of Christmas: Brady!

*UPDATE: Brady has been adopted!



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