Wisconsin Humane Society needs your help with barn cats

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You might have heard the story on the news recently about how the Wisconsin Humane Society had to take in about 40 cats after discovering a hoarding situation in Oconto County. All together, there were about 60 cats in the house. You can get more on that story here.

Now, the WHS is down to a little over 20 cats, and they all need outdoor homes. They're barn cats, and they would like to have them be adopted in pairs. They're going a little stir crazy at the shelter, so the sooner the better for these kitties and their new furever homes!

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📢Update on 42 cats from the Oconto hoarding situation: After letting them settle in for a couple of weeks, we’ve seen many of the rescued cats come out of their shells, craving attention and affection from our team ❤ They are all still on medical treatment for various conditions, but we really need your help with the 4️⃣️ special kitties pictured here. For Sunny, Quiche, Jam, & Hashbrown, we are seeking rural environments where they can be well cared for in pairs outdoors. As you might be able to infer from their photos, these four cats have consistently shown extreme fear and stress around humans – much more so than the shy “Hidden Treasures” in our standard adoption program - so instead of unnecessarily exacerbating their stress in the confines of a house, we’ve put them into our Barn Cat program. As we’ve seen with so many other cats in the program, these felines thrive in a “working” environment where they can patrol a barn, stable, out-building, shed, or even certain business facilities, keeping rodents at bay. We adopt out our Barn Cats in pairs of two so they have a buddy to bond with, we waive their adoption fees, and they’re already spayed/neutered, ear-tipped, microchipped, and vaccinated. We also give you plenty of instruction on how to successfully acclimate them to their new home. All you need to provide is shelter, food, water, and some patience as they adjust to their new life. It’s not just these four who need homes – we have at least 10 pairs of Barn Cats in need of placement. As you can imagine, a bustling shelter is an especially stressful place for Barn Cats, so please pass along this information to your friends as soon as you can – anyone interested in hiring a couple of these working cats on their property is encouraged to email barncats@wihumane.org today so we can start matching you with a duo in need! Thank you all, once again, for your outpouring of support and generosity on behalf of these amazingly resilient cats. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as the rest of the Oconto cats are ready for loving homes! #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #barncat #feral #outdoorlife #adoptdontshop #workingcat #shelterpets #lifesaver

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