New trailer for "Dumbo" is here featuring Michael Keaton & more!

Dumbo is definitely up there as one of the all-time cutest Disney characters... THOSE EARS. THOSE EYES. I CAN'T.

He's like the Nester the Long Eared Donkey of the elephant world, and I love him for it. (if you get that reference, then I really enjoy you as a person)

Tim Burton is putting out a live-action version of "Dumbo", and there's a ton of stars in it that you can see in the trailer below! The cast includes Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell, and my favorite part of "It's Always Sunny".... Danny DeVito! 

I'm totally digging all of these live-action adaptations, and I'm most certainly adding this one to my list of ones to see! Of course at the top of the list is "The Lion King", which comes out in July of 2019.

You can see "Dumbo" in theaters before that though in March of 2019!



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