10 Times Carly Pearce Looked Just Like Sarah Michelle Gellar

(Default picture: Getty Images)

Some celebrities resemble each other so much that ya almost break your neck doing that double take when looking at pictures online.

A lot of people mix up Josh Duhamel for Timothy Olyphant, Jessica Chastain for Bryce Dallas Howard, and Dermot Mulroney for Dylan McDermott.

Recently, I saw a picture of Carly Pearce on Twitter with some fans, and I swear to you .... I thought it was Sarah Michelle Gellar from back in her "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" days. I honestly think they could be sisters after looking at these pictures! I know they're not identical .... but man, they're close!

What do you think? Have I totally lost my mind? Don't answer that last one... Scroll below.



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