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My Weekend in 5 Pictures - A Wedding, Country Fest, & a Salon

This past weekend, we had to go back to Albany, NY (where we lived before relocating to Bay View) for our friends' wedding! Let me tell you.... it was the most perfect wedding of all time. I wasn't surprised though because our friends are 2 of the classiest humans you will ever meet. 

The signature cocktail was a Moscow Mule (one of my favorites!) and they even had mini grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of tomato soup during the Cocktail Hour. So awesome!

This is the gorgeous bride, and you can click View More On Instagram to see her and her new husband get introduced for the first time ever as husband & wife at their beautiful reception!

While visiting Albany, we HAD to stop by our favorite donut place, Cider Belly Donuts, to pick up a dozen. My favorite one this time around was the Strawberry Moscato... SO FLIPPING TASTY!!!

Also in Downtown Albany there are several decorated Nippers! It's so fun to spot all of the different ones around the city.  If you didn't know, Nipper is the mascot for RCA Records, and Albany, NY used to be the distributor for them.

I was so happy that I could see some of my girlfriends over the weekend too! 

My friend Amanda got to open her brand new salon (I remember when we first met, I was getting my hair done in her kitchen... so I'm super proud of her!), and it looked amazing! And how insanely cute is her baby, Poppy Lou?!? I like to call her Poppy Lou Bega, because who doesn't want a little Mambo Number 5 in their life?

My other friend Kelly hosted her annual Country Fest (basically wearing anything AMERICA themed, and drinking games) at our friend Pegasus' house. Ok, so really her name is Peggy, but how cool would that be if that was her real name?! 

*Notice the FM106.1 koozie too! 

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