My Weekend in 5 Pictures!

Over the weekend, some of my girlfriends and I met up in Cincinnati to celebrate our girl Kaitie's birthday! We all used to work together in Buffalo, NY doing promotions, so it was so nice to have us all back together again for a few days.

We had 3 day passes to a big music festival out there called Bunbury, and one of my favorite bands played Saturday night... Incubus! Foster the People, Fitz & the Tantrums, and Jack White also played at the Festival. This was right outside of it.... such a great waterfront!

One of our favorite places to eat while we were there was Bakersfield OTR. They had awesome options for tacos (I got shrimp and carnitas), and their guac and queso was amazing too! 

We brought our friend Sam's pup Norm out as well, and he was a hit with everyone walking by! We decided to give him a different name to each group of people who came up to pet him, which included Zach Morris, Lululemon, and Montana. It helped pass the time as we waited for our food (it was packed inside so understandably, it took a little longer).

And of course.... what birthday weekend is complete without obnoxious oversized balloons?! Thank you, Taylor Swift, for starting one of my favorite trends. 

(Our shirts read "I need (fill in alcohol), not your feelings". )

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