Why Kelly Clarkson ruled the Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson is like the Tom Hanks of the music world... if you don't like them, then that's definitely a "you" problem.

Last night, she hosted the Billboard Music Awards, and as expected... girlfriend SLAYED, and she slayed hard.

First of all, her heartfelt speech for the victims in the Santa Fe shooting had me tearing up. You could tell how passionate she is talking about the horrific events that happened, and I am here for everything she is saying.

Second of all, her medley of a ton of the songs up for awards last night was FLAWLESS! From her cover of Maren Morris' hit song "My Church" (and Maren's reaction is priceless) to rapping Cardi B's part in Bruno Mars' "Finesse" remix... it had me glued to the screen. There's nothing this woman can't do!

Third, and just for fun.... WHO ELSE CAN PULL OFF GOLD FRINGE LIKE THIS?!? The OG, K Clark... that's who.

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