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Mad About Milwaukee: the outdoor space of Third Space

A couple weekends ago, a girlfriend of mine was in town, and we wanted to do a little Sunday Funday action.

Let me tell you... we found the PERFECT space to do just that, at Third Space Brewing!

The outdoor area is beautiful and clean, and they have a whole area for Bags (or Cornhole if you ask us but that's a discussion for another time).

The beers I got with my flight included (in no particular order):

  1. Unbridled Enthusiasm
  2. Java Blanca
  3. That's Gold
  4. Happy Place

I have to say... I was a little skeptical of Java Blanca at first because I don't always love beers with a hint of coffee (I usually feel like it's too fake tasting and/or it's overpowering).... but this one was PERFECT! I really enjoyed all of the beers, but that one was the winner of the day.

The flight was 4 beers for $12 which to me was a pretty good price, and the bartenders were very nice and knowledgeable. 

I talked to Mark who works there, and he described their brewery as a "family friendly atmosphere".... which is a great way to describe it! There were groups of 20/30 somethings there enjoying their day, and then there was a baby shower going on as well! Hunter & Kelly were celebrating their baby boy who is due on June 16th (I suggested Quinn as a name since that is indeed my birthday ... fingers crossed they go with it after my semi buzzed plea).

If you haven't been to Third Space, I highly recommend it... especially on a beautiful day where you can sit outside. They have been open since September 2016, and I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon! 

And don't forget to grab a little something to wear later too... I gotta go back and get that black sweatshirt!

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