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Mad About Milwaukee: Sobelmans for Bloody Marys!

I was SO excited this past weekend because a girlfriend of mine that I haven't seen in about 7 years was in town! She was visiting a friend of hers in Madison, and wanted to check out a place that his friends were telling her about for Bloody Marys.

That place was Sobelmans, so we ended up visiting the original on W St. Paul Avenue. When she said they specialized in Bloody Marys, I figured it was a big brunch place... but it was a nice, cozy bar with awesome burgers to go with (I ended up getting the Veggie Burger.... go ahead... judge away. But I washed it down with a Spotted Cow so I think that's a total redemption).

I'm not a huge Bloody Mary fan (I love me some vodka though), so our waitress Kate suggested that I try their Tropical Mimosa. It was your typical champagne and orange juice deliciousness, but it also had Passionfruit vodka and pineapple juice mixed in it.... COME TO MAMA!

The Bloody Mary menu is INSANE at this place... like one includes a full on fried chicken. It's like a dinner in your drink versus an appetizer like your typical Bloody.

My friend ended up getting The Cheesehead, and I'm so happy she was willing to share her toppings with the table. The bacon cheese cracks were one of the best things I've ever tasted in my whole life and I need more of them in my life immediately.

Her friend got The Baconado, which bless him for sharing too because those bacon wrapped cheese balls are SO yummy too. 

And of course both Bloody Marys came with their side Miller Lites... now THAT I can get down with! 

Also, my boss told me about how the last time Cole Swindell was in town... he HAD to go to Sobelmans to try one of their infamous Bloody Marys..... so ya never know who you will see there!!!

Have a place in Milwaukee that you love to go to for food, drinks, or fun things to do? Shoot me an email! or find me on all the socials, RadioGal716 .

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