Gillian Flynn fans... get ready for this HBO series!

Gllian Flynn is a flipping genius. "Gone Girl" was my first encounter with this amazing author, and of course the movie was so well done starring Rosamund Pike (which was perfect casting, side note). It's probably my favorite book to film adaptation next to "The Help" (anything with Emma Stone is Grade A quality in my book, but regardless, it's fantastic).

"Dark Places" was my absolute favorite book by Flynn, but the movie was God awful. No disrespect Charlize Theron (who I know is a regular blog reader of mine, obv), but it made me so upset because the book is so freaking good. Also, again, no disrespect Char (because her & I are BFFs as stated above), but that was a horrible pick to play the role. The character is described as being, shall we say... very lucky in the top region of her body? And C-Lady (we give each other nicknames... that's how close we are now) is not (I'm not either so it's totally cool for me to state that). There's other physical traits of the character that are complete opposites of her too... like that she is very short. COME ON NOW. CHARLIZE IS A GAZELLE. Sorry. I'm still scarred from how bad that movie was. Moving on....

Now, HBO is doing a limited series for "Sharp Objects" by Flynn. It's my least favorite of the 3 books, however.... it's still REALLY good. And this trailer gave me the chills... Amy Adams? YES PLEASE! Another perfect casting. I also love that people involved with "Get Out" are in on this one too. 

Get ready guys... it's coming in July, and we can all have recaps together on Facebook.

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