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Mad About Milwaukee: Cafe Centraal

I am a creature of habit.

Once I find a place, it's my go to... and it's hard for me to find anything else to take its place. Back in Albany, NY (where I was before moving here), I went to brunch at a place called Cafe Madison, and I left me number for the handsome waiter after enjoying some delicious pancakes... and somehow I got him to marry me. It was really the only brunch place I went to because 1. the bacon was always so crispy it crumbled when I picked it up (the only way to eat it, IMO) and 2. because that's where I first spotted the guy who has to spend the rest of his life with me.

My first time going to brunch upon moving to Bay View was Cafe Centraal. Now, don't get me wrong... I know there's  A TON of awesome brunch places, but I keep going back there. My mom was in town from Buffalo this weekend, and I took her there for morning cocktails, treats, and of yea... actual breakfast. The service is pretty great too, and the place is huge so it's never a long wait for a table!

My go to brunch love is the Cheesy Gooey Spicy Mess, which is the top right item on the menu. Holy deliciousness... it's got eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheese, and Fritos, and this time around I added avocado for just a buck (freaking clutch move, brah).

(this picture is from the first time I got it, so without the avocado. what a peasant.)

On our journey yesterday, my mom got the Cinnamon Streusel French Toast. I didn't try it (because I figured it wouldn't have been a good combo with that beast of a brunch above), but my mom loved it! She said the best part was the bread was nice and thick, unlike other places where basically the toppings just roll off the thin and soggy bread. We also splurged (an extra dollar, I believe) for real maple syrup because that lady is worth it.


We started off our meal with what I like to call a brunch appetizer. We got the hot beignets, which are basically like fried dough balls with chocolate syrup... aka, heaven.

The first time I went was with my friends Natalie & Bonnie. Natalie got the Breakfast Tacos (almost what I get with the Mess, but in tortillas), and Bonnie went with a sweeter meal, and got the Berry Basil French Toast.

Oh and the most important part... at least in my opinion... the beverages. This time around, my mom & I both got the Blackberry Pina, which is basically a mimosa with pineapple juice and blackberry liqueur. We each got a tea too, and I love the way they serve it to you.

Let me know what brunch place is your favorite in the Milwaukee'ish area! I would love to try it!!! 


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