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My random ACM Awards observations

I love awards shows... and country music awards show seem to be the most fun overall!

We can sit here and talk about who won what, and how good so and so's performance was... OR, we could talk about the random fun stuff that happened during and in between those moments.

First of all, Reba had the BEST line of the night. If you fast forward to the :55 mark, you can catch her making fun of the fact that she as 1 woman can do the work of 2 men (when referring to Luke & Blake hosting the ACM Awards in the past, and then Luke & Dierks).

Little Big Town sounded amazing when they sang Elton John's "Rocket Man", but that's not what caught my full attention. 

When they showed the crowd during the performance, it was hilarious to me that 90% of the people they showed had NO IDEA what the lyrics were. They mumbled through it like champs though. Here's just one of those times.

I love Reba & Kelly Clarkson's voices together. Their flashback performance of "Does He Love You" was beautifully done, but again... I was distracted by someone in the audience.

Luke Bryan was feelin'. him. self. while they were performing the song, and it legit made me LOL. 

Another person who got my attention rather than the big star performing was Carrie Underwood's guitar player. Girlfriend SLAYED her performance of "Cry Pretty", but her side kick had me crying, "PLEASE DON'T EAT CARRIE'S FACE! WE ARE FINALLY GETTING TO SEE IT AGAIN!" His facial expressions creeped me the flip out.

And last but not least, Dustin Lynch. When he came out to present one of the awards, I said out loud to myself and my cat, "WHYYYYY IS PEREZ HILTON THERE?!" and then quickly realized it was indeed our favorite Small Town Boy. Oops! 

If you don't know what Perez Hilton looks like, see the last pic and tell me they don't look alike!

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