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Mad About Milwaukee: Milwaukee Brewing Company

We all know that this past Saturday was (414) Day, so I decided to celebrate by going somewhere I haven't been before here in Milwaukee. I also love to day drink, so picking Milwaukee Brewing Company when (414) Day landed on a Saturday this year was a no brainer.

The tour was an hour and a half, and you got to enjoy their delicious beers before, during, and after the tour. I tried a bunch of different ones, including my favorite of the bunch, Weekend at Louie's. One of the best parts of Weekend at Louie's is that it doesn't give you that horrible too much sugar feeling after having one... and that's because it's actually brewed with tea! 

Some of the other amazing beers I got to try were:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch (good, but I could only have one per drinking session)
  • Thin Mint Stout (loved this one too... some people get scared by darker beers thinking they're going to be super heavy, and this one certainly is not)
  • Citrus Happy (also VERY good and refreshing... it tricked me into thinking it was sunny outside)
  • The Shrug (had a Nutella taste to it... again, like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I could only have one of these)
  • Hop Freak (the hoppier, the happier I am!)

Our tour guide was Elise, and she was the perfect combination of fun and educational. She had a witty sense of humor, and she was extremely knowledgeable not only with the beers but also with the process of making all of these delicious concoctions. 

A couple things that really stood out to me during the tour was the fact that this brewery is the first solar brewery in Milwaukee, and Elise had us try the different barleys which was cool (one tasted like Cheez Its... the way to my heart). 

The atmosphere of this place was awesome! You could tell the staff genuinely loves their jobs, and everyone there attending the tours were super friendly too. I saw at least 3 bachelorette parties bopping around, so I would highly suggest doing this tour if you have one coming up too! There were also families there (with kids in them being over 21, of course), and then guys just enjoying a fun dudes day out. 

You can sign up for a tour here (I definitely suggest getting your tickets ahead of time because my time slot was sold out when I got there), and I forgot to mention... you get to keep the glass too!

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