The most admired men & women in the world.

YouGov conducted a survey to figure out who the most admired people on the planet are, and I was very surprised by their results!

Nothing against Angelina Jolie... she does amazing things for others, but I was kinda surprised to see her at the top of the list for Most Admired Women. Michelle Obama took second place, and Oprah (shocker) is 3rd.

Honestly, I was shocked to see Ellen Degeneres not even make the top 10! The first woman I thought of was her. She always does such awesome things for people on her show, and I feel like she has the biggest heart ever. I also love what she does for animals too!!! Because let's be honest... animals are way better than humans. Can we all agree on that?

Bill Gates was #1 on the Most Admired Men list, with Barack Obama (HeyyyyO) in 2nd place. Jackie Chan is #3.... I'm probably going to sound super ignorant on this one but.... say what?

Others who made the top 10 lists for their genders include Taylor Swift, Dalai Lama, and Emma Watson (LOVE HER! And not just because she was Belle too).

Who do you admire the most when it comes to famous peeps?


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