A new condiment for the summer?

When you put condiments on your burger, what do you think of first? For me, it's ketchup and mayo every time. Maybe you're a mustard person too.... which is fine... if you're into that type of thing....

Anywho, Heinz posted this on their Twitter account, asking users if they would be down with a new combination. They're calling it "Mayochup"... where ketchup and mayo can finally live together in one squeezable bottle in perfect harmony.


There's only 3 days left to get your vote in, and 500,000 yes ones will get it in stores.... SO PLEASE VOTE YES! Think about all that time us ketchup & mayo lovers will save with just one bottle to squeeze! I know, I've reached a whole new level of laziness with that one but COME ON! 

One Twitter user, @andylancaster, suggested a different name, "Ketchonaise", and Heinz immediately answered back (watch out Wendy's... a new social media guru is creeping on your fun, interactive turf). I have to agree with Andy on this one.... it sounds fancier. *pinkies up*



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