My new creepy documentary obsession

My friend Jaime and I love us some documentaries... it's like our own binge-watching book club, or something.

There's so many that we both obsessed over... including "Tickled" on HBO (wow... who knew THAT could be so dark?!), "Making A Murderer" (Did he do it? Or is he innocent? I STILL HAVE NO IDEA), and "The Jinx" are just a few. If you have not seen "The Jinx" yet, it has one of the biggest HOLY $!*% moments you will ever witness in anything you watch in your whole life. Oh, and how could I forget "The Keepers" on Netflix. I highly recommend it, but make sure you watch like 2 episodes at a time, then maybe "The Office" or "Parks & Rec" to break it up because damn... it gets real heavy.

My homegirl Jaime texted me the other night about another documentary to check out. I guess it came out on March 16th on Netflix, but I never heard anything about it til now! Luckily (pun intended because it officially was released the day before St. Patrick's Day.... is that a stretch? Whatever, get over yourself, this is my blog), I was told about it now because I've been needed a new show to watch, and you may be in the same boat too since "This Is Us" had it's season finale the other day.

It's called "Wild Wild Country", and I was pleased to see that Mark Duplass (aka Pete from "The League", and he was also a recurring character on "The Mindy Project", two favorites of mine) and his director brother Jay Duplass (also on "The Mindy Project") were involved with it. It's basically about this super creepy guy who starts a cult, and his followers and those living in the town that he tries to expand his cult in weigh in on their experiences. I've only watched half of the first episode, but it's already sucked me in! 

Have you watched this yet? If you haven't heard of it til now like me, check out the super creepy trailer below.

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