Quinn's Cats: Get ready to walk on the wild side with Tiger!

I stopped by the Wisconsin Humane Society for the first time ever today, and I didn't want to leave!!!

What an amazing facility with such great people who truly love these animals with their whole hearts. I got to chat with some of the volunteers in the kitty area before they opened, and Molly also showed me around. There's tons of animals on our Instagram Story, so check them out now before the clips are gone (including a really cool falcon they have in the Wildlife area)!

Ridder from the Morning Show also has his pet segment, Ridder's Critters, but they're always dogs. I am a huge cat lover (Sharknado & Olivia Wilde are our babies), so I wanted to show the felines some love too!

We're calling it Quinn's Cats, and my first ever cat that I am highlighting is Tiger! 

Tiger is 7 months old, and she can from an overcrowded shelter here in Wisconsin. She is so darn cuddly, and her face is ADORABLE! 

Check out the video below, and get details on giving this babe a home from the Wisconsin Humane Society's website.

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