The most expensive ballparks in the country

Baseball's back, baby!

Luckily for us here in Milwaukee, we have one of the cheapest ballparks in the country. Miller Park is #24 (out of 30) to go to. According to, two tickets will run you about $25, two hot dogs would be $10, 2 beers (the most important part) will cost you $12, and parking is only $11. I didn't crunch the numbers, they did, SO DON'T BE MAD AT ME OK?!

The most expensive place to go to a game is Yankee Stadium... no surprise. It's totally worth it though btw.... I loved going there. It will cost you $90 on average to check out a game there.

The cheapest? That would be Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies. If you've never been to Denver, or Colorado in general, I highly recommend it! It's a stunning state.

Don't forget to go see Ridder, Scott, and Shannen this Monday when they broadcast their show for our Opening Day!



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